Gamma Holdings Review: Features, Products, and Policies

General Information Broker Name: Gamma Holdings Broker Type: Forex & CFDs Country: N/A Operating since year:2005 Regulation: N/A Address: N/A Broker status:Active Customer Service Phone: N/A Email: N/A Languages:English Availability: 24/7 Trading The Trading platforms:Proprietary Trading platform Time zone: N/A Demo account:No Mobile trading:Yes Web-based trading:Yes Bonuses: N/A Other trading instruments:Yes Account Minimum deposit: $10 Maximal leverage: 1:300 Spread: Up to 40% discount Scalping allowed: N/A


Embarking on the journey of scrutinising Gamma Holdings, an online Forex that has swiftly made its mark since its establishment in 2005. Gamma Holdings, operating through, stands out by providing access to global markets and a diverse range of trading options that transcend traditional currency trading boundaries. In this extensive review, we delve deep into the layers of Gamma Holdings. We offer a detailed analysis of its features, products, policies, and overall performance.

Professionalism and Organisational Excellence

One of the initial impressions our research team gathered during the creation of this Gamma Holdings analysis was the unparalleled professionalism emanating from the brokerage. This professionalism is evident in the sophisticated and detailed design of the website. Moreover, the commitment to creating a customised environment for clients underscores Gamma Holdings’s dedication to delivering a seamless trading experience. In an industry where reliability is not always guaranteed, Gamma Holdings shines as a beacon of dependability.

Transparency and Accessibility

Setting itself apart from some of its counterparts, Gamma Holdings distinguishes itself by being open and transparent with its customers. The broker takes pride in clearly displaying all relevant terms and service details on its well-organised website. This transparency, coupled with a commitment to professionalism and customer service, positions Gamma Holdings as a highly attractive option for those navigating the complexities of Forex trading.

Exploring Account Types

Gamma Holdings provides a tiered approach to trading accounts, catering to beginners and experienced traders alike. Let’s explore the key features of each account type:

Bronze Account

With a minimum deposit requirement of $10, the Bronze Account on Gamma Holdings provides traders with a solid foundation. Offering leverage up to 1:100, this account type provides access to the Gamma Holdings platform, available on the web, desktop, and mobile. Traders also benefit from webinars and social trading ensuring they stay informed and make well-informed decisions. They can also enjoy a 5% discount on current fees for spreads

Silver Account

For those seeking more resources and tools, the Basic Account requires a minimum deposit of $25. This account maintains leverage up to 1:100. Traders at this level enjoy the added advantage of VOD advanced technology. The discount they could enjoy increases on their fees, growing to 10% on their spreads.

Gold Account

Designed for traders with a broader portfolio, the Gold Account comes with a minimum deposit threshold of $50. This account ratchets up the leverage to 1:200. Traders will have access to a personal assistant that can help with the difficult details of each trade. Traders even have the option of making 1 risk free trade. At this point, the discount is 20%.

Platinum Account

For those with a capital of $100, the Platinum Account provides a customised portfolio. This account type opens the doors to a personal portfolio. Professional account holders benefit from the added flexibility benefits of a 30% discount on spreads, trading room access, and 3 risk free trades. Furthermore, this account type caters to the specific needs of seasoned traders, allowing them to navigate the markets with precision.

Diamond Account

The pinnacle of trading accounts, the Diamond Account offers traders high discounts, at 40%, and a comprehensive set of features. A deposit of $250 is necessary here. With similar benefits to the Platinum Account, the Diamond account holders also enjoy access to a trading specialist. This account type is optimal for traders who seek the utmost in terms of pricing, features, and risk management.

Product Portfolio

Diversification Beyond Currencies

Gamma Holdings goes beyond the conventional realm of currency trading, offering access to global markets and a diverse array of trading options. Traders on Gamma Holdings can engage seamlessly in Forex and indices trading, tap into futures markets, and explore various commodities. The collaboration with international stock companies further simplifies the trading process, eliminating unnecessary complexities.

Over 10,000 Trading Assets

With an extensive selection of over 10,000 major trading assets, Gamma Holdings empowers traders to diversify their portfolios swiftly. The abundance of choices spans across Forex, cryptocurrencies, commodities, stocks, and CFDs, providing flexibility and a plethora of investment opportunities.

Currency Pairs

Gamma Holdings facilitates trading in various currencies, including cryptocurrencies, within a highly liquid market with low price spreads. This accessibility makes it an attractive platform for both novice and experienced traders.


Traders on can take advantage of advanced charting options and fast performance to engage in energy and commodities trading. Notably, the absence of commissions in trading major oil indices adds to the platform’s appeal.

Diversification is made easy with the flexibility to trade metals like gold, silver, and platinum at competitive prices. Gamma Holdings provides a convenient avenue for traders looking to maximise exposure to the markets through precious metals.


The platform extends the opportunity to trade stocks and shares, ranging from innovative tech companies to broad index directions. Advanced charting techniques further optimise the performance of each stock, contributing to more lucrative trading.

Gamma Holdings Dedicated Customer Support

Gamma Holdings understands the importance of reliable customer support in the dynamic world of Forex trading. The broker offers customer support services 24 hours a day and 7 days a week, ensuring assistance is readily available when needed. Traders can reach out to the support team by contracting them directly on their website on their ‘contact us’ session. Our research indicates that the team is highly responsive and professional in handling queries, contributing to a positive and supportive trading environment.

Regulatory Assurance

Gamma Holdings LTD has been operating since 2005, emphasising its commitment to protecting trader funds and ensuring their use aligns with the intended purpose. The implementation of SSL encryption adds an additional layer of security, safeguarding the personal information of traders.

Gamma Holdings Policy has implemented a strict Know Your Customer (KYC) policy aimed at safeguarding against various financial crimes such as money laundering and theft. The broker places a high priority on safety and security, incorporating measures to ensure compliance with all relevant regulations and requirements. Customers are required to provide specific information and documents to verify their identity, including government-issued IDs, driver’s licenses, and relevant forms of proof. The stringent policy extends to requesting copies of credit cards, utility bills, and bank statements in certain cases.

Gamma Holdings Review: Conclusion

After conducting an exhaustive Gamma Holdings review, our research team confidently recommends this online multi-asset broker. Beyond its roots in currency trading, Gamma Holdings opens up a world of possibilities for traders, offering access to global markets and a diverse range of trading options. The broker’s commitment to transparency, professionalism, and customer service positions it as a reliable and trustworthy choice in an industry where such qualities can be elusive.

The extensive product portfolio, user-friendly trading platforms, tiered account options, and commitment to regulatory compliance collectively contribute to Gamma Holdings’ standing as a top-performing broker. Whether you are a novice entering the Forex market or an experienced trader looking to diversify your portfolio, Gamma Holdings presents a compelling option.

The strengths of Gamma Holdings, including its reliability, diverse asset offerings, and innovative trading features, far outweigh its limitations. While there are areas for improvement, Gamma Holdings’ overall performance makes it a noteworthy player in the competitive world of online Forex trading.

In conclusion, Gamma Holdings has successfully carved a niche for itself by combining technological innovation with a client-centric approach. With a commitment to providing a secure and transparent trading environment, our review portrays a reliable platform  in the dynamic landscape of online trading.


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