The non-fungible token (NFT) market has seen a significant drop today.

The sales volume has dropped 25.2% in 24 hours to $25,976,386.

Also, buyers are down 21.3%, sellers 12.75%, and transactions 34.2%.

Among the top 10 collections per sales volume, Gods Unchained Cards increased the most: 11,113% to $747,886.

Nobody dropped the most: 70% to $2 million.

Furthermore, there was a significant change in the blockchain ranking. While Ethereum still stands at the top despite a 30% drop in sales volume, Solana NFT’s massive fall pushed it down to fourth place for several hours before climbing back to its more common third place.

Meanwhile, Bitcoin was in second and Avalanche in third place.

Today in NFT news: Solana NFT sales drop 80%, Bybit launches an integrated Bitcoin and EVM inscription marketplace, Japan Airlines and Hakuhodo partner on an NFT collection, and Mutant Cartel reveals ‘Serum City’.

Solana NFT Sales Drop Over 80%

The Solana network suffered an outage today, affecting the price of its native coin, SOL.

But that’s not all it has done. The Solana NFT sales volume has suffered a significant loss for the day.

Over the past 24 hours, it fell 82.39% to $1,048,282.

It is just barely ahead of Avalanche. The latter currently has a sales volume of $1,004,907.


Furthermore, the number of buyers on Solana decreased by 79%, sellers by 79%, and transactions by 74%.

Meanwhile, most of the top 10 collections on Solana are in the red. Deez Nuts saw the largest drop, while Taiyo Robotics recorded the highest increase over the past day.


As the network stabilizes, the NFT sales will likely recover fast.

Bybit Introduces All-in-One Marketplace for Bitcoin and EVM Inscriptions

Crypto exchange Bybit has launched an integrated inscription marketplace that will support Bitcoin and Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM).

According to the press release, the Bybit Inscription Marketplace enables its users to mint and trade BRC-20 tokens and EVM inscriptions across multiple chains.

#Bybit Inscription Marketplace is Now LIVE!

Trade #BRC20 assets, enjoy exclusive early access, and experience fair launches.

Dive into decentralised trading today!

Marketplace: #InscriptionMarketplace #BRC20

— Bybit (@Bybit_Official) February 5, 2024

On February 1, Bybit Web3 team included AVAX, Ethereum (IERC-20), Polygon, Fantom, and Mantle into its Inscription Marketplace.

Also, Bybit Web3 has consolidated liquidity from all inscription marketplaces across primary and secondary markets, “transforming Bybit Web3 into the largest liquidity provider and ecosystem for the inscription economy.”

In Phase 2, Bybit’s Inscription Marketplace will expand and include ARC-20 and BRC-420 Ordinals.

Moreover, Bybit Web3 has entered into a strategic partnership with the open-source browser extension wallet for Bitcoin NFTs, UniSat. Users and developers will soon be able to seamlessly connect to the inscription ecosystem through Bybit Web3, offering a comprehensive one-stop platform, it said.

Japan Airlines and Hakuhodo to Launch NFT Collection

Japan Airlines and Hakuhodo have partnered to develop a joint NFT collection.

The two are launching the second iteration of ‘KOKYO NFTs’ (‘Hometown NFTs’) this February, a collection of NFTs featuring six unique local experiences across Japan.

According to the website, this is a new way of tourism, with the companies hoping that “KOKYO NFTs will help you find your second hometown.”

2⃣ / Premium Sake NFT – uka-
Tour a premium sake brewery including areas usually not open to the public and enjoy a special sake tasting. Take home a bottle of “uka ” sake and VIP card with priority purchasing rights.

— KOKYO NFT (@Kokyo_nft) February 5, 2024

Per the press release, The second installment focuses on treating the unique but less globally known regional crafts and experiences as real-world assets (RWAs) and turning them into NFTs to spread them to more people.

Six types of “KOKYO NFT” will be issued and sold on Polygon-powered Astar zkEVM. These are: Fireworks Cruise (Hokkaido), Premium Sake Uka (Ibaraki), Japanese Knife (Fukui), Samurai Family (Fukuoka), Space Art (Kagoshima/Tanegashima), and Kokuto Shochu (Kahoshima/Amami).

4⃣ / Samurai Family NFT
Become a member of the Tachibana samurai family, while staying at a traditional samurai mansion where you’ll immerse yourself in samurai culture and traditions.

— KOKYO NFT (@Kokyo_nft) February 5, 2024

These NFTs will cost between ¥36,300 and ¥440,000, depending on the type.

Also, KOKYO NFTs are transferable and can be sold on Rarible.

The Origami NFT Campaign began on February 5. It allows users to mint free Origami NFTs, take part in weekly challenges, progress in building their origami crane, and earn a KOKYO NFT Allowlist spot.

The public sale of Premium Sake NFT – uka- will start in March. The presale is set for March 24 and the public sale for March 26. On April 1, the companies will offer special activities exclusively for KOKYO NFT holders.

Mutant Cartel Launches ‘Serum City’ Game

Serum City, a game that features the popular NFT apes from Yuga Labs, is now available for pass holders to play.

A Serum City pass is an on-chain access key to Serum City, per the FAQ page. Passes can be claimed by Bored Ape Yacht Club, Mutant Ape Yacht Club, Mutant Hound, and Mutant Cartel Oath holders.

Passes are free to claim, excluding fees.

MAYC & BAYC holders, claim your Pass:

Passes are free to claim, plus gas fees. 1 claim per MAYC and BAYC held.

Warm Wallet is active for the Pass Claim, which is open indefinitely.

— SerumCity (@Serumcity) February 1, 2024

Additionally, users can unlock three types of Serum City Passes depending on the type of NFT used to claim the Pass: Mutant Hounds holders: Hound Castle; Mutant Cartel Oath holders: Oath HQ; and Bored Ape Yacht Club and Mutant Ape Yacht Club holders: Ape Club House.

Each pass type grants the holder a different base in the game. This determines the items players can craft, says the website.

Also, the Pass Claim will stay open indefinitely.

Meanwhile, Mutant Cartel founders Novel Labs and game developer Faraway announced the game last April and launched it this month.

Congrats to our Friends at the @mutant_cartel for launching @serumcity today. Serum City Boxes earned in LoTM will be used to claim rewards in Serum City.

Stay tuned to the @serumcity account for more info.

— Yuga Labs Gaming (@yugalabsgaming) February 1, 2024

Moreover, Season 1 allows players to earn “the rarest dynamic NFT traits” and NFT car parts to use in Season 2’s Apecoin Prize Pool.

At this point, Serum City pretty much owns the timeline.

Show us your cities in the comments!

— SerumCity (@Serumcity) February 5, 2024

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