On this episode of Liberty Curious, Kate Wand sat down with Paul Mueller, who recently joined AIER as Senior Research Faculty, to discuss the 2007-2008 Financial Crisis and its reverberation into our present day. “Everything we’re seeing around us is a fallout from that crisis.”

Paul Mueller received his PhD in economics from George Mason University, and is the author of Ten Years Later: Why the Conventional Wisdom about the 2008 Financial Crisis is Still Wrong. They get into the mis-regulation, cronyism and fatal conceit that precipitated the crisis, how it was mismanaged by government and central banks, and then became the catalyst for a growing anti-capitalist sentiment that blames free markets for the failures of an increasingly controlled financial system and economy.

Use these time stamps to navigate the interview:

0:00 – Intro
1:58 – A Generation-Defining Event
6:22 – The Fed’s Historical Role
10:47 – Political Pressures
15:20 – Mis-regulation
22:27 – The Bank of International Settlements
25:30 – Fatal Conceit
30:22 – The American Dream
35:16 – Wealth & Income Inequality
40:30 – Low Interest Rates Benefits Government
44:23 – How Did the Crisis Unravel?
49:46 – What Happens Next?
54:30 – The Third Mis-regulation
57:21 – Reverberation Into Today
59:40 – Conditioning for Economic Intervention
1:05:58 – Market Solutions
1:10:28 – How to Get Out of The Cycle
1:14:33 – Free Up Markets or Great Reset?
1:18:05 – Last Thoughts

Learn more about Paul and his work here.

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