FIRST ON FOX: A group of 35 House Republicans are calling for the Department of Justice (DOJ) to investigate rampant pro-Hamas activity in the aftermath of the terrorist group’s attacks on innocent civilians in Israel.

The Republicans, led by Rep. John Moolenaar, R-Mich., penned a letter to Attorney General Merrick Garland requesting information about his agency’s efforts to probe supporters of Hamas, a federally-designated foreign terrorist organization, in addition to perpetrators of antisemitic violence nationwide. They noted that the DOJ has previously investigated American parents who spoke up at school board meetings.

‘Freedom of speech is a cornerstone of our nation, but coordinated activities supporting Hamas, and intimidating and endangering other citizens have no place in our lawful society,’ Moolenaar and the other GOP lawmakers wrote to Garland. ‘Your department plays a critical role in enforcing the equal application of the law and safeguarding our nation’s security.’

‘In that regard, we want to know what steps are being taken by the Department of Justice to investigate Hamas supporters in the United States, as well as the perpetrators of anti-Semitic violence in cities and school campuses across the nation,’ they continued. 

The Friday letter comes weeks after Hamas militants infiltrated southern Israel and massacred Israeli civilians in a surprise attack on Oct. 7. Since the massacre, Hamas has taken hundreds of innocent civilians, including some Americans, hostage.

Additionally, in response to Hamas’ escalation, Israel Defense Forces have initiated a relentless bombardment of airstrikes targeting Hamas leaders and military outposts in the Gaza Strip. Israeli forces have also amassed tens of thousands of troops along its border with Gaza and exchanged fire with Hezbollah terrorists on its border with Lebanon.

While Israel has received substantial support from the White House and members of Congress, rallies held in major cities across the country and on college campuses have condemned Israel for its military actions. Shortly after the Oct. 7 attack, for example, a large rally was held in New York City where protesters held signs in support of ‘Palestinian resistance.’

‘We’re going to liberate Palestine,’ one protester told a group of Israel supporters during the demonstration. ‘We already liberated parts of it already. So get ready to get barbecued.’

In their letter to Garland on Friday, the Republicans highlighted how the DOJ, under his leadership, issued a October 2021 memo warning about parents speaking out at school board meetings. Garland also directed the FBI to work with state, local and tribal law enforcement to address those perceived ‘threats,’ they noted.

‘However, since Hamas’s recent attack on Israel, you have not issued a similar memo about the increase of anti-Semitic violence, the threats of intimidation being made against supporters of Israel, or the public rallies being held in support of a designated Foreign Terrorist Organization,’ they wrote. 

‘Your inaction in the face of these threats is alarming and requires us to ask the following questions to ensure you are being held accountable to the American people and the Constitution you have sworn to uphold.’

The DOJ didn’t immediately respond to a request for comment.

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