Personal financial influencers to follow on social media 

In today’s digital age, the influencer meaning has evolved beyond fashion and travel to include finance content creators. Personal finance influencers like Shreya Kapoor are making waves on platforms like TikTok. 

These top financial influencers provide millennials with invaluable financial advice. From the best finance Instagram accounts to the most engaging TikTok videos, these influencers bridge the gap between financial literacy and millennial investors. 

Seeking financial independence? Follow these personal finance experts. They don’t just share social media tips; they transform lives with their insights. Always remember, while their advice is beneficial, consulting a financial advisor can tailor guidance to your unique situation.


Personal finance influencers offer money management tips and strategies, usually on social media platforms, blogs, or websites. Not all personal finance influencers hold professional certifications or have backgrounds in financial management. Many financial influencers provide money insights based on their personal journeys. Before trusting a personal finance influencer, it’s essential to evaluate their qualifications and history. Tips from personal finance influencers shouldn’t replace guidance from a certified financial advisor.

How to Vet Personal Finance Influencers

When seeking financial advice online, it’s crucial to ensure the information comes from credible sources. Here’s how to vet personal finance influencers:

Check their credentials

Not all personal finance influencers are certified financial advisors. Ensure they have a background in financial literacy or relevant experience.

Look for transparency

Genuine influencers often share both their successes and failures in their financial journeys.

Analyze the quality of content: Ensure the advice is practical, actionable, and not just clickbait.

Read reviews and feedback 

Other followers’ experiences can offer insights into the influencer’s legitimacy.

Top 10 Personal Finance Influencers to Follow

Humphrey Yang

Humphrey has carved a niche for himself by taking intricate financial concepts and breaking them down into easily digestible content. His approach is about making finance approachable and understandable, ensuring that even those without a financial background can grasp core concepts.

Delyanne Barros

Delyanne is a passionate advocate for financial independence, with a special emphasis on empowering women. Her content resonates with those looking to break free from financial constraints, and she often sheds light on the unique financial challenges women face, providing tailored advice to help them overcome these barriers.

Dasha Kennedy

Dasha’s primary focus is on improving financial literacy and empowerment among her followers. She believes that being equipped with the right knowledge can lead to better financial decisions. Through her platform, she provides resources and tools to promote better money habits and financial wellness.

Nick Loper

For those looking to diversify their income, Nick is the go-to expert. He delves deep into the world of side hustles, illustrating how one can augment their main income. He provides practical tips on establishing and growing secondary income streams, ensuring long-term financial stability.

Tiffany Aliche

Tiffany’s content is both informative and engaging. She emphasizes the importance of saving money and offers actionable steps to achieve financial freedom. Through her posts, followers can understand the importance of being financially disciplined and how small changes can lead to significant savings.

Chelsea Fagan

 Chelsea stands out for her practical approach to financial education. Rather than overwhelming her audience with jargon, she provides actionable tips and insights that can be readily implemented. She addresses common financial pitfalls and offers guidance on navigating them successfully.

Jeremy Schneider

 Investment can be daunting for many, but Jeremy aims to demystify the process. He speaks about the importance of thinking long-term when it comes to investments and shares strategies that prioritize sustainable growth over quick wins. His content is ideal for those looking to build a robust investment portfolio.

Daniella Flores

 Financial independence is at the heart of Daniella’s message. She provides insights on smart money management, emphasizing the need to make informed financial decisions. With a focus on long-term financial health, she shares strategies that ensure sustained financial growth and independence.

Millennial financial influencers

Avocado Finances (avocadofinances)

Beyond the playful name of this financial expert lies substantial wisdom. If you’ve ever felt pressured to forgo your avocado toast to save money, he’s got your back. Dive into the renting versus buying debate, tactics for securing a salary hike, and the significance of not overlooking your retirement savings.

GenY Cashflow (genycashflow)

Pondering the decision between saving and investing? Curious about what you can afford with just a 5% down payment? Wondering about the impact of budget changes? Look no further than GenY Cashflow, a top financial voice in our list. Their posts may be infrequent, but each is meticulously crafted, acting as a mini-masterclass.

Finance Funhouse (financefunhouse)

Blending wit with financial wisdom, Finance Funhouse is a TikTok gem, showcasing comedic yet insightful personal finance sketches. From recession readiness to daily money tips, he advocates for proactive information seeking. Major publications like The Times, City Post, and National Daily have highlighted his work.

Cash Conversations (cashconversations)

Focused on millennial financial strategies, this account delivers genuine stories, dialogues, and monetary guidance. Amidst the amusing financial memes, discover practical advice on recouping owed money, optimal investment avenues, and savvy shopping hacks.

How Do You Become a Personal Finance Influencer?

Starting as a personal finance influencer involves sharing your financial journey, insights, or expertise on social media platforms. Here’s a step-by-step guide:

Select your niche  From credit cards to long-term investments, pick a financial topic you’re passionate about. Educate yourself: Even if you’re not a financial advisor, continuous learning boosts credibility. Create engaging content:  Use stories, graphics, or videos to make financial topics engaging. Stay consistent  Regular content updates keep your audience engaged and help grow your follower base.

Are Personal Finance Influencers Legit?

While many personal finance influencers offer valuable insights, it’s crucial to remember that one-size-fits-all advice rarely exists. Every individual’s financial situation is unique, and influencers’ suggestions might not always fit your personal circumstances. Always consider consulting with a financial advisor for tailored advice.

Is It Legal to Give Financial Advice on Social Media?

While sharing general financial knowledge on social media is acceptable, giving specific financial advice tailored to individuals might require certifications or licenses in many jurisdictions. Personal finance influencers often use disclaimers to clarify that their content is for informational purposes only and not official financial counsel.

The Bottom Line

Personal finance influencers play a crucial role in promoting financial literacy and aiding their followers in their journeys to achieve financial independence. While their insights can be invaluable, always remember to vet any advice and consider its applicability to your unique financial situation.

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